Hi everyone!

As promised I’ve reopened commissions and they are now available on Fiverr.

Commissions may be streamed live, depending on weather or not I am streaming at the time and the client is enthusiastic about it. There are periods in which I take pauses from streaming because of traveling or other events.

Usually I stream Tuesday 15:00-17:00  &  Saturday 20:00 to 22:00  (Romania EU time) on these three streaming channels:

Watching is free and if you subscribe you’ll be helping my channel grow. Also having an account is necessary in order to use the chat. We usually discuss self-publishing, art and hobbies, science fields and I have guests from the gaming industry or academia but anyone can suggest a topic of conversation.

Note that when placing an order for the commission please have in mind what you want. If there are any specific details regarding skin tone, hair style or  clothing color and shape have them decided before hand as any changes after what was agreed upon will cost you extra as I charge by the hour.

I retain copyright over my work, unless I specifically sell the commercial license to it. If you want to use the image for commercial purposes and have me give up copyright over it please discuss it prior since the price will increase. Also if you want the art to be done with urgency there will be a price increase as well, depending on how harsh the deadline is, though usually I don’t accept over night art unless it’s for friends. The reason being the quality may be affected.

Please no fanart that I cannot gain, approval or license for. (^_~)

Cheers!  >^_._^<