Hi everyone!

As promised I’ve reopened commissions and below is my price list.

Commissions may be streamed live, depending on weather or not I am streaming at the time. There are periods in which I take pauses from streaming because of traveling or other events.

Usually I stream Wed. &  Sat. 13:00 to 15:00  (Michigan USA time, which is GMT-5h) on these three streaming channels:

Watching is free and if you subscribe you’ll be helping my channel grow. Also having an account is necessary in order to use the chat. We usually discuss self-publishing, art and hobbies but anyone can suggest a topic of conversation.

I’m offering discounts for my supporter because I want to thank you for your help, your thoughts, suggestions and encouragements are important to me! Thank you!!! \(^o^)/

And since I joined Patreon and Tapastic you’re also helping me financially. There for I’ve created the opportunity for you to get a discount. Veteran supporters can get the discounts accumulated, so they can get a 80% discount if the criteria are met.

So my Patreon patrons have a 50% discount on all  commissions.

My top 10 Tapastic supporters get a 20% discount and you can see the list using the Tapas app, by clicking on avatar icons in the upper right when you tip. It will take you to the tipping list and you can see your ranking there.

But if you can’t support me on either of the above mentioned platforms, but love my work and want to help! You can always help me with a bit of advertising on the platforms that you are on, by making #HisameFanart and sharing your love of of my characters with all of us. And you’ll get a 10% discount! You can see some examples of fanart in the 3rd section of the discount banner above.

As payment I accept currency though Paypal and you can message me any time.

Note that when placing an order for the commission please have in mind what you want. If there are any specific details regarding skin tone, hair style or  clothing color and shape have them decided before hand as any changes after what was agreed upon will cost you extra as I charge by the hour.

I retain copyright over my work. If you want to use the image for commercial purposes and have me give up copyright over it please message  me since the price will increase. Also if you want a art to be done with urgency there will be a price increase as well, depending on how harsh the deadline is, though usually I don’t accept over night art unless it’s for friends. The reason being the quality may be affected.

Please no fanart that I cannot gain, approval or license for. (^_~)

So feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. Comments are moderated due to spamming, but I answer quickly. >^_._^<