New art prints in my Society6 shop

Hi everyone! I’ve recently updates and enabled a lot of the art prints in my Society6 shop. S6 has made more items available for print so I’ve enabled and updated a lot of my best sellers there. Let me know if I missed a print you wanted and I will make it available.

Hisame Artwork
Ladybug loves carnations
Hisame Artwork
Vacation planet
Hisame Artwork
Spring birds
Chiyo portrait
Hisame Artwork
Lion banner

28th ColorMeCollab

Hisame Artwork Facebook group
Hisame Artwork Facebook group

Hi everyone!

Hope you are having a lovely summer. We had some floods were I am and it’s pretty cold now and I know some of you are deign of the heat wave and exams and jobs and so on but we’re still holding the #ColorMeCollab \(^o^)/ to hopefully brighten your day and give you something relaxing to do.

This round is one me. I made this illustration for a fan of mine, she won the artwork in one of my #HisameOCL art giveaway events. And I’m currently at 2 Facebook likes or 14 Youtube subs away from starting a new Hisame Original Character Lottery. You can go and bump up the numbers if you want to speed up the event start, if you haven’t liked or subscribed already. (~_^)

And you can join our Facebook group to take part in the event or just check out how we colored the linearts. There really aren’t any rules to this, just fun! And anyone can join.

Hisame Artwork Facebook group
Hisame Artwork Facebook group

Commissions have re-opened!

Hi everyone!
As promised I’ve reopened commissions and here is my price list for this summer. In autumn prices may rise since this is an early access price and discounts are currently only for my Tsu followers. But I will give away some art when I reach my milestones on my other social media accounts so use the hashtag #HisameOCL to find what I made available on your favorite platform!

And commissions will be streamed live: Tue. & Thu. 3-5 pm.  (Michigan USA time, which is GMT-5h) on these three streaming channels:

Watching is totally free and if you subscribe you’ll be helping my channel grow! Having an account is necessary in order to use the chat, so join us now and we can discuss self-publishing, art and other stuff you guys want.

00_commision prices

I’m offering these discounts to reward my followers for all their support over the months. For those that don’t know Tsu gives add revenue, so your support really counts. Sharing, following, likening and commenting helps content creators, because it gives them a little cash.
The list of top supporters is updated at the end of each month.

Tsu fandom discount list

I retain copyright over my work. If you want to use the image for commercial purposes and have me give up copyright over it please PM me since the price will increase.
Please no fanart that I cannot gain, approval or license for.

So feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. >^_._^<
Comments are moderated due to spamming. (T.T)

Dragon’s feast | Haruka

This is Haruka from my novel Dragon’s feast – The last God. It is a fantasy story about three dragons struggling for dominance in a medieval east Asian world where the supernatural dominates the lives of ordinary people.

Prints are available in my Society6 shop. For more updates you can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I wish you all a great day!


Dragon’s feast | Yun Shan

This is Yun Shan from my novel Dragon’s feast – The last God. It is a fantasy story about three dragons struggling for dominance in a medieval east Asian world where the supernatural dominates the lives of ordinary people


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Crescent Bloom line art

Hi everyone! Since a lot of you have liked my new Crescent Bloom collection I’ve made available the line art for it for those of you who would like to colour it differently. You can leave your version in the comments below so we can all enjoy! Take care and have a wonderful week!
For more you can visit my online shop.

Print – click on the picture to save it

I will be making more freebies available from now on so be sure to subscribe if you want more!

Collaboration on Dwarf Warriors Illustration

Hi everyone! This is my latest collaboration. I’ve worked with Manuel Mesones’ Imaginarium on this painting. He did the original line-art for it and I colored it.


Here is the original line-art by Manuel Mesones:


It was a very fun piece to do. Thank you Manuel for your feedback and advice !

dwarfs_working process

You can also visit my shop and for more updates follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

To see more of Manuel Mesnone’s work you can also visit his website.

Crescent Bloom | White roses and lemons

his painting is part of my Crescent Bloom collection, it features a wreath of flowers and fruits that are arranged to form the moon. It is a tribute to the rebirth of spring and the joy of summer. It has bright and warm colors that go well printed on many items. Enjoy!

Prints with them are available in my shop and if you wish to support me please like and share my page. Thank you.

Crescent bloom_white _prv