The Hisame Original Character Lottery is a periodic event I hold to reward my followers for their support!

For those that are new, know that I give away merchandise and illustrations for my followers and or subscribers from my various social media channels as a thank you for their continued support.  Thank you ! Your are awesome and your support means a lot to me!

In the past I’ve given T-shirts, books, stickers, badges, fridge magnets,  paintings, digital  illustrations , discount keys for the shop and so on. Use the hashtag #HisameOCL  to find out what has been and what is current.


So I’m summing up in this page the milestones and rewards that are going to come.
So at the moment I need to get to 100 subscribers on Youtube so I will be giving away something when that happens. Feel free to make suggestions for gifts. They will be awarded randomly so you have to be a current subscriber and respond  when you win, otherwise , the prize will have to be given to someone else.


Other approaching milestones :  2k followers on Facebook, 500 followers on Twitter. So if you follow me on any of these channels lookout for giveaways !

t shirt2 instagram2

tote bag (19) hisameocl_05 done

badges  IMG_4535