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The Ernest and Coraline USA tour book is a little collectible magazine book, where you can collect stickers with all the illustrations I made for the tour I held last summer, in which for two moths every day I illustrated one of the 50 states.

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I’m from Europe but I live in the US now and there were a lot of things I didn’t know but I learned doing this illustration challenge for two months. Then I made this fun book to help kids learn the same simple facts and to make education fun.

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Kids can trade and collect the illustrations with the states like Pokemon cards! The booklet is available for purchase on Lulu and the Global Reach network: Amazon, Barns&Noble, Ebay, etc.

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You can buy the stickers from us, from Redbubble and more shops will be made available for you soon.

Here is an up close view of how the pages look. You have for each state information regarding  the capital, year in which it joined the Union and some economical fun-facts, and the illustration you collect will have a theme inspired by the states tourist attractions.

Ernest The Blue Bunny

In California’s case we have Hollywood, but other states are know for their natural beauty, historical monuments or large production of a agricultural or industrial product.

You can read the book for FREE on Tapastic, but if you want to collect the stickers you can purchase the hard cover. Lulu is the print publisher and they will give you the best prices as well as discounts and free shipping if you have an account with them. You can purchase from distributers like Amazon and Barns&Noble but their prices will be higher, usually.

Ernest The Blue Bunny

Bellow you will find a video showing you what is in the book and how to use it. For more information you can contact us on Facebook or Google+

And if you liked the illustrations you can also purchase merchandise with the illustrations from our shops on Society6 and Redbubble.


Arizona Ernest The Blue Bunny New Hampshire Ernest The Blue Bunny Wyoming Ernest The Blue Bunny Lousiana Ernest The Blue Bunny
Connecticut Ernest The Blue Bunny

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Ernest The Blue Bunny

Ernest The Blue Bunny

Ernest The Blue Bunny

Ernest The Blue Bunny
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