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Hisame Artwork on Steam
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By popular demand I’m making a screenshot collection of my adventures in Pelican town, the fictional town from the the pixel art RPG Stardew Valley.

I never thought I would play a pixel art game but it’s story is similar to Ernest’s story so I decided to watch some play-throughs on Youtube and I was hooked.

Here are some images from my farm. I’ve modified mods from Nexus Mods because I couldn’t find the exact thing I wanted so I made a combination of multiple mods and on occasion I made my own since I couldn’t find what I wanted.

For screen shots click on the buttons bellow.

Hisame artwork stardew valley mods screen shots Hisame artwork stardew valley mods screen shots Hisame artwork stardew valley mods screen shots Hisame artwork stardew valley mods screen shots   hisame artwork stardew valley screen shotshisame artwork stardew valley screen shots

Be sure to give likes/subs/endorsements/support to all the awesome modders that have created all of this amazing content for us and have extended the life time of the game and made it more enjoyable. And if you wish to help me out please subscribe to my Youtube channel and help me reach the 1000 sub mark so I can can get the verified status.

Mods used in my videos

Mods made by me:
Spring blooming trees:
Slime kitty cats retexture:
Totoro fountain water obelisk:

Tutorials made by me
– Crop editing:
– Map editing:

– Pixel art:
– Retexturing w/o xnb:

Tutorials made by others
How to pack and unpack xnb files:
How to edit .tbin files:
Install SMAPI:

Mods made by others that I used and recommend 

Farm maps
Immersive farm 2:
Green house:
Farm cave:

Junimos Totoro minion:
Custom crops:
Junimo hut giant crop:
Climates of Ferngill:
Giant crop ring:

Husbandry/butcher meat:
Grass flowers:
Dino to raptor:
Cat ragdoll breed:
Dog to fox:
Custom machines:

Dutch buildings:
Hobbit village:
Witchey buildings:
White flowery buildings(Yellog):
Textures used for my Ro-Bav style buildings:

Ace’s expansion(kitchenette):
Wildzooey’s expansion(kitchenette +bath):
More food:
better artisan goods:
More rooms:
Bathroom retexture:
White kitchen retexture:
Witch kitchen & bed:
Bed retexture:
Spouse room upgrade: Basement/Cellar upgrade:
Custom machines:
Seasonal farm buildings and craftables:

– Nordic:
– Night:
– Pastels:
News TV:

Country furniture:
Fish bowl:
Game furniture:
Holiday furniture:
Fish plaque:
Victorian furniture:
Seasonal craftables:
Witchy furniture:
Walls and floors:

Appearance: clothing and hair
Get dressed (shirts, hair, dresses): 
Kawaii Hats:
More hair:
– Snowcmpie Yuri:
– Crabitt LemonSjh:
– Alicedafox:
– Emiestardew:
More clothes:
– CP support:
– Asian clothing:
– Sakura card captor look:
Better baby design:


Flower valley:
Karmylla’s immersive map:
Summit expansion:
Nerdy cute Maru:
Toned down SDV:
UnderDark sewers:
Winter candy land:

UI info suite:
CBJ cheats menu:

Good luck modding,


P.S. DON’T forget to make a backup every time you edit anything!!! And best to play the game vanilla first so you can see all the events before your skilled modding paws break anything. And things will break!

For some inspiration this is how my vanilla 7 year old farm looks like. Large view courtesy of Upload.Farm.

Unmoded farm spring Stardew Valley Hisame Artwork Chukle fish games
Click image to enlarge
Hisame Artwork Stardew Valley starter farm vanilla autumn inspiration
Click image to enlarge
Stardew Valley achievements Hisame Artwork
Click image to enlarge and see my Steam SDV