Stardew Valley MOD updates II: Ghibli Town and Mermaid island

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the late update but it’s been hard to find help with making this mod as I am just a graphic artists and any game related stuff has also a programming component.

After 5 brave souls attempted to make the mod and failed, scampering off once they saw they couldn’t tame the beast know as modding in Stardew Valley, one hero has risen.

So long story short, I have collaborated with  Trent previously on the New fish mod and we wanted to ad new fishing areas for people, because +90 fish wasn’t enough for us and with so many fish the spawning areas weren’t spawning properly anymore. We had to create new homes for our fish.

I had previously worked on many other mods with people, each group had ambitions ideas about desert or forest expansions and of course my Ghibli town as well. But sadly the ever changing landscape of the codding in SDV was just to much for them and many projects died in pre-production.

Thus I decided to take things slow and greed with Trent that we should first do a small island before we try and do the Ghibli mod, or the Oriental Mod (Desert mod).

The island has a middle aged mermaid selling fish related items in her shop. She will be in a relationship with Willy and a friend of Linus. We plan to give her heart events and anything else we will need for all my grand plans for the Ghibli mod. This little island mod will be our guinea pig for the Ghibli Town mod.

Hisame artwork Ghibli town mod for Stardew Valley by Chuckle fish Eric Barone
Concept art not final look

Thank you to Eimie and everybody else who agreed to donate their textures to this mod as it has greatly decreased my work load. The full list of modders who have donated textures or from who I took inspiration in making my own version of their aesthetics  see here.

For more updates you can join my Discord server and watch my Youtube videos. You can see there the NPCs and shops we plan to make.

Portrait for middle aged mermaid for test island

Take care everyone and don’t forget to endorse and give kudos to all the awesome modders in the SDV community! Show them some love so they stay motivated (see if any need financial help as well).  A lot of projects die because people think nobody cares or the crazy people harass them. Both I and Trent have met some weirdos that have thrown insults and bigoted slurs at us and we are not the only ones. It’s just that we are a bit older maybe, and have a better understanding of the toxicity in any community.

In any case SDV is one of the best communities out there and thank you to everyone who strives to keep it awesome and please continue to support the modders as they keep the community going with new content every month.

And of course thank you to Eric Barone for making the game, Chuckle fish for connecting us and we look forward to all the new content from everyone.







Mini modding tutorials for Stardew Valley

Hi everyone! Hope this post finds you all well.

Stardew valley banner hisame artwork

So in the last month I have gotten several requests for behind the scenes and tutorials in regard to how I mod Stardew Valley the RPG and I started to make those tutorials. Feel free to leave me questions or suggestions. I love hearing from you.

I wish you all a lovely day!

Stardew Valley tutorials Hisame Artwork modding
Crop editing tutorial on Youtube
Stardew Valley tutorials Hisame Artwork modding
Watch tbin editing tutorial on Youtube
Stardew Valley tutorials Hisame Artwork modding
Watch pixel art tutorial on Youtube