My soul hanged by the branch tallest

When you hear the dark maiden’s song,
You’ll know what you’ve been waiting for so long

The end of all sorrow and grief
Death will no longer seem like a thief.

Loneliness will be a distant memory,
There will no burden to carry.

The moon shines bright
In the dead of night
And the wind whispers in your ear
That there is nothing to fear.

So the storm in your heart breaks out
Blocking the light and all doubt.

The river sits still
And silent is the mill.
It stopped grinding bone
While I cross on my own.

I cross the river’s ill waters,
Sickened by the blood of sons and daughters.

Behind me the river resumes it’s course
Washing away that which was worse,
I then loose myself in the shadow forest,
My soul hanged from the branch tallest…