Hello! And welcome to my project page. I am the artist behind the educational comics and games Ernest the Blue Bunny and Niels Feynman. For our team member list please the partner page.
patreon cover hisame artwork 

Finished projects

Ernest and Coraline are touring the USA: educational booklet with collectible stickers
How Ernest met Coraline:
short romantic comedic manga, full color
Niels Feynman Book 1 : sci-fi adventure, buddy comedy and period drama
Estranged encounter
: short story horror and mystery parts 1-3
Ernest and Coraline science themed calendar: new science field/job each month
Stardew valley mods: slime kitty, blooming trees, more new fish, Mermaid island.

Work in progress

Around the world in 80 photos: photo travel series
Clip Studio paint tutorial series:
available on YT

Ernest’s Farmopoly: farming & strategy, educational board game

Tutorials and reviews: Youtube video series (endless)

Wordle Wednesday: language educational comic (endless)
Stardew valley mods: Ghibli town
Estranged encounter: short story horror and mystery parts 4-9
Courses private schools in my area:
Comic book courses
Japanese culture courses
Book Club
Film club

In the pipeline

Land of Niifu Book 1: cute animals, steam punk, fiction adventure novel
Estranged encounter: short story horror and mystery parts 4 to 9
E & C science calendar (new jobs)
Stardew valley mods: Gulf town

Future projects

Brad the border Collie: kids adventure short series
Ernest and Coraline are touring the ASEAN
Ernest and Coraline are touring the AU
Ernest and Coraline are touring the Commonwealth
Ernest and Coraline are touring the EU
Ernest and Coraline are touring the RoI
Niels Feynman Books 3 and 4
Land of Niifu Books 2 & 3
The long feast: epic fiction novel series, 9 books, from fantasy to cyberpunk
You are not alone: novel trilogy, steam punk, detective, political drama, supernatural
*Translating to chinese and spanish the finished books above

Video games we are planing to make

Most of our games will be co-op not just single player and they will be open to modding.
Ernest Engines:
3D racing with engine building and shop
Ernest vs. pests: farming game with tower defense combat
Farmopoly board game: farming strategy game
How Ernest met Coraline: RPG elemental combat, isometric, farming
Interactive novels after all the E&C travel books: quiz, collectible badges
Niels Feynman: 3D RPG turn based combat, story follows the books


Patreon cover_money-01
You can follow my progress on Facebook and Twitter, I look forward to reading your feedback! And if you want to help us achieve our goal then please consider becoming our patron on Patreon  or support us on TwitchYou will also receive rewards for your help in the form of exclusive content and merchandise.




And as always if you want to show your support, you can also  like and subscribe. We will keep making content for you and if you have any thoughts or suggestions  please leave them in the comments bellow, we love hearing from you.

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