Hello! And welcome to my project page. I am the artist behind the educational comics and games Ernest the Blue Bunny and Niels Feynman.


I’m a graphic artist and I have worked as an illustrator for video games, animations and I have created advertising  content for various companies. You are welcomed to check my website:




We’ve just recently launched for sale my educational booklet Ernest and Coraline are touring the USA  and I’m working on the origin story of how Ernest met Coraline. We are also currently working to make the two books into video games.


Patreon cover_money-01


You can follow my progress on Facebook or Tsu, I look forward to reading your feedback! And if you want to help us achieve our goal then please consider becoming a patron on Patreon and you will also receive rewards for your help or you can donate on Tsuor Twitch.




And as always if you want to show your support like and subscribe and we will keep making content for you and if you have any thoughts or suggestions  please leave them in the comments bellow, we love hearing from you.

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