Farmopoly the Board game

Farmopoly is my first board game! I’ve always liked Monopoly type games and strategy games in general so I created this board game in its spirit.

board game Ernest The Blue Bunny

It has it’s slots with different themes to help kids get acquainted with different types of animals and governmental organizations: mammals, birds, vegetarian, carnivores, monarchy, federations etc. You have the fun of a classic monopoly game but with small differences so it resembles a year on a farm and the work that that implies. Plus it’s easier to advance and more balanced to help the little ones.

Ernest The Blue Bunny

All the characters on the bills are winners from my past Hisame Original Character Lotteries , a periodic event I hold on my social media platform to reward my followers for their support and help. You can find the newest giveaway events using the hashtag #HisameOCL on any of the social media platforms I’m on. But I’m most active on Facebook and Tsu though.

Ernest The Blue Bunny

And here is how the property cards look like. The prices may change as the board game in still in the testing phase but will be available for purchase soon! Ernest The Blue Bunny

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