Niels Feynman

Niels Feynman – Time traveling adventures

Book 1 – Isaac Newton

Hisame Artwork NielsfeynmanThe story follows the adventure of Niels Feynman a half Chinese half Dutch boy, who lives in 24th century Cambridge and who is passionate about science.

In the first comic he will travel back in time to meet his hero Stephen Hawking at the notorious Time Traveler’s party and from there he will visit Isaac Newton.

The idea for this comic came from the fact that I want to make a children’s video game that would be both educational and entertain various SF genre fantasies such as time travel. The way we tell stories has evolved over time and to me the most compelling is by far the video game because it offers it’s viewer the possibility to interact with the characters. But until I can make the game I’ll offer you this comic book so that you can get familiar with the story and characters …and maybe even change the outcome if you want. Let us know what you would like the story to be.

You can read book 1 on Tapastic, and if you want extra content from book 2 before everyone else than become my patron on Patreon! You’ll help us financially to keep making the things you love and you’ll also get rewards such as behind the scenes access, merchandise and personalized art.

See how we made the comic! Full streams are now available on Youtube. My friend Jun Fender is helping me by making the linear so be sure to check out her work as well,  she is very talented!

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