Lulu is a company that offers self publishing services for independent writers. It’s a print on demand website for books, calendar and other similar products. It’s also one of the biggest companies in this industry and thus offers the possibility to then sell your book though Amazon, Ebay, Barnes n Noble and so on, through their global reach program.

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On Lulu you can purchase my “Ernest and Coraline tour of the USA” booklet and the “Little scientist calendar”,  with more items are comings soon.

*For the calendar  please contact me ahead of placing the order as I need to enable some features to activate it and the calendar will be A3 at around 10$ unless they change the prices. If you know a better service please let us know so that we can offer you our products at the best format for you.

See bellow what is currently on offer:

Collectible sticker booklet
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Hisame artwork science themed calendar ernest and coraline cute bunnies educational kids calendars love fun cute chemistry astronomy biology
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