Senbazuru | greens n blues

In Japanese folklore it is said that if you make 1000 origami cranes your wish will come true . The crane is a symbol of a long and happy life, of good fortune and peace. This image is part of my rainbow origami cranes project, enjoy!


If you want to see more from the project you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter. Each of the origami is inscribed with a greeting and a number and were given as a gift to my friends after the photo shoot. And if you wish to support me then please like and share this post! Have a wonderful day!



Cherry Blossom Kin-busuma

I’m happy to say that the painting is done. It has been a pretty big project and it can cover when printed a medium sized room wall. Here is a preview and you can see the full sized one on my website or facebookpage and you can continue to follow me here for more artworks. The shop will be opening soon, take care!

cherrie blossome card