Newton’s home

The latest project I’ve been working on. It’s suppose to be Newton’s house for my comic book #NielsFeynman. I have no idea in what house he lived so this is my imagining: plaster walls, stone base and slate roof.I think it looks rather threehousy and to small for a normal medieval house so any advice is welcomed!

baverian house_preview


Niels Feynman – comic book for children

Niels Feynman -Time traveler’s adventures

This is my new comic book that I’ve started , the idea for it came from the fact that I want to make a children’s video game that would be both educational and entertain various SF genres fantasies such as time travel. The way we tell stories has evolved over time and to me the most compelling is by far the video game because it offers it’s viewer the possibility to interact with the characters. But until I can make the game I’ll offer you this comic book so that you can get familiar with the story and characters …and maybe even change the outcome if you want.