The #TenStyleChallenge art event

Hisame Artwork
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Hi everyone! I’m happy to share with you updates from our art event #TenStyleChallenge.  And for those of you who don’t know the event, here is the gist of it: make self portraits in someone else’s style.

Hisame Artwork ten style challenge #tenstylechallenge

It’s an event held all over the internet where artists make self portraits in popular cartoon style such as  “The Simpsons” or “Sailor Moon”.  But for our little art group we did it in the styles of the artists there so that we can promote the awesome artists we have in our group and also make fun of our faces and suffering while trying to do a style very different from our own.

Hisame artwork ten style challenge
See Hellenor’s artist page
Hisame Artwork tenstylechallenge
See Adrian’s artist page



Merry Christmas!

Hope you’re all having a good time, I wish you the best and a good time with your loved ones!
I made some illustrations for you, hope you’ll enjoy them.
Read full pages here:




If you want to see how the page was done you can watch here on my YouTube channel:

Take care!





The 10th #HisameOCL in a nutshell

How it started:


Hi everyone! So the 10th #HisameOCL has ended and the winner was @Nikiole! Thank you to all who participated. The event was held on RabaDaba because I reached a new milestone on that platform. It’s a really nice community and the admins are awesome so I definitely recommend it.


Nikiole asked for a lime green sloth and I streamed live  on Youtube  my process. If missed the live stream, you can catch up here:


Hope to see you there, take care!



Doodle Lottery

Hi everyone! I wanted to thank you for all you support and feedback with more than just words, so I’m holding a doodle lottery. The way this works is that by liking my artist page and sharing the Facebook post you can now win a personalized doodle of your choice! If you win I will do a doodle for you with anything you want in it.

***Be sure to check your privacy settings on Facebook before liking my ARTIST PAGE ( ) and share the original post because I will be selecting participants from THIS THREAD, you can also comment on the thread to be sure that I get the notification from FB that you shared and liked. With FB privacy settings I sometimes get page likes but no notification that someone has liked, my counter just goes up.

The WINNER will be selected by a random generator who will select your name from those that participated in the event and the lottery will end when I reach 500 likes on my artist page.
Thank you, good luck and have a amazing week!

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doodle lottery-01