Doodle Lottery

Hi everyone! I wanted to thank you for all you support and feedback with more than just words, so I’m holding a doodle lottery. The way this works is that by liking my artist page and sharing the Facebook post you can now win a personalized doodle of your choice! If you win I will do a doodle for you with anything you want in it.

***Be sure to check your privacy settings on Facebook before liking my ARTIST PAGE ( ) and share the original post because I will be selecting participants from THIS THREAD, you can also comment on the thread to be sure that I get the notification from FB that you shared and liked. With FB privacy settings I sometimes get page likes but no notification that someone has liked, my counter just goes up.

The WINNER will be selected by a random generator who will select your name from those that participated in the event and the lottery will end when I reach 500 likes on my artist page.
Thank you, good luck and have a amazing week!

CLICK THE PICTURE to go to the Facebook thread.
doodle lottery-01


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