Estranged encounter – glimpse II

Hisame Artwork

She was screaming at the top of her lungs about what a disappointment he was , how she should have listened to her girlfriends and never married him.

Her red curly hair dangled as she shook her head in desperation, the intensity of her fury somehow did not permeate his world  and her verbal blows seemed like a distant echo .

Broken promises …unwilling to rise and move on …

But who was this woman and was he really married to her? He looked puzzled at his finger for the proof and suddenly a wave of rage came over him and he was yelling just as loud at her , he wanted to hit her , he really did.

He fell asleep in his chair again , the secretary slammed some boxes into door and they fell on the floor. She was always very clumsy and disinterested.

He blinked and wiped his face with his hands , his neck hurt from sleeping in an uncomfortable position. He then stopped to look at his left hand as though to make sure it was all a dream and that he wasn’t married …oddly enough his finger felt a phantom constriction and he massaged his hand so shake away the creepy feeling.

Today was the 3rd of January , it is his mother’s birthday , he should call her and maybe say something nice…yes…that would be polite.


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