Hand made halo

Daniel looked around cautiously with increased worry for his film reel. He was making a lot of noise banging the film cases and cursing while searching for his reel , much to Alex’s distress who was trying to remain calm while editing his film at the editing table.

-Dam it! Said Daniel, his brown hair continuously getting in his eyes and for a moment a thought crossed his mid, maybe he should have listened to his mother and cut his hair, but his girlfriend liked it better this way, a little longer.

-Go bang your cases outside! Came Alex’s harsh reply.

-I can’t find my rushes, have you seen it? …it had a Hello kitty sticker on it .

Alex thru him a quick look and smiled maliciously .

– It was my girlfriend’s idea…Said Daniel defensively. She thought the film was gruesome enough and could use some … And then he paused. Maybe I left it down stairs?

-Maybe, why don’t you go check . Replied Alex coldly.

-Paul have you see my film case?

-No, sorry? Came the answer . I’m missing some sequences my self . And Paul’s bloodshot eyes stared absently at Daniel.

-God man! When did you go to bed last night?

-I don’t think I did.

Daniel was franticly searching the room for his film case or reel or anything while his desperation grew as the minutes pasted and the deadline approached.

Paul light a cigar and said.

-You know Laura and Philip have lost some material as well.

-I’m not surprised , it’s a madhouse . Daniel stop searching and stared sadly at the trash can. Maybe someone thought it would be a funny joke, he thought, but didn’t say, as not to be encouraged by Paul.

Andreea entered the room, wearing a purple blouse , she always wore something purple.

-Paul why are you smoking inside?! At least you had the brains to open a window!

Paul’s green eyes turned to the window, he did not remember opening it , he had closed it when he sat at the editing table , but he was to tired to say anything.

Daniel had left the room and now it was Andreea’s turn to search for her reel.

– I left it here! She was lifting some doodle papers that were on the table near the window.

– What did you leave? Asked Paul.

– My film case!

-I don’t remember seeing it there .

-You don’t remember what happened five minutes ago!

-True and you shouldn’t make fun of people with disabilities.

-Is this your idea of a joke ?! Give me my film or I’ll truly disable you! Andreea glazed at him angrily and started walking toward him.

-Hey I didn’t take your film! Cried Paul defensively . I know better than to cross you. Hopping this last remark would appeal to her ego and spare him any pain, for he was to tired to even defend himself.

And Andreea grabbed his cigar threw it out the window and left the room.

– Crazy lady, I pity the poor smuck  who marries you. But this last thought Paul did not dare say out loud.

Two boys were standing in the court yard trying to keep the cigars steady in their trembling hands. Winter was settling in and that meant the exams were closing in.

-What the f***?! Exclaimed one of the boys, his brown eyes following a piece of film that was slowly falling on the cold damp pavement.

-It’s a piece of film. Said the other one, taking his left hand from his pocket and bending to pick it up, so that his short thin jacket raised revealing his back to the cold . Isn’t this a piece of Christian’s film?

-No f***ing way ! The brown eyed boy exclaimed. And they say we’re the f***ing monsters torturing the poor little f***ing bastards , while they’re f***ing playing with our f***ing films , this is f***ed up and I won’t stand for it.

-So what do you suggest we do? Asked the second boy , starting to visibly shake from the cold, while his friend toke one last puff from his cigar.

Although he or better say it was five stories up it was not afraid of the heights for it’s tiny hart could only hold one emotion at the time and right now it was filled with fierce determination and it’s thoughts focused on the task at hand. Mind you holding a reel of film almost as big as your body on a rainy day on top of a tiled roof is no easy task, yet somehow it’s small, white, fluffy  back paws found somehow footing on the slippery tiles while it’s small wings and short tail were keeping some balance  .

-Aha! Found it! NO! Why …why me, why today?!

-Oh cut the melodrama! Said Alex indifferently.

-What is it Daniel ? Asked Larissa with an expression of true concern and placing her small white hand on his shoulder.

-I found my case but is’t empty, completely empty, not a strip of film in it.

-Oh you’ll probably find it where you least expect it. Said Alex rubbing his chin, thinking of letting a goatee grow.

Daniel looked with hate at his colleague and replied :

-Well maybe I should have even taken the film to the toilet or… or slept with it under my pillow like you do, then I wouldn’t be in this mess!

-Yes and I think not leaving everything till the last day would have also helped.

Daniel gave up, there was no way he could have angered the impassive Alex, he would have just turned the insult against him.

The next day the sun was shining, thought the temperature was still low and our little white friend was trying to fit another reel of film through a hole in between the wall of the faculty and a wall belonging to a neighboring house .
Meanwhile the students were panicking at the news that the teacher was coming to see the ruff cuts and they had nothing to present, for one could not admit to loosing the material, it would have meant “death”.
There was no exaggeration in calling misses Toma a dragon lady and the years that have grayed her hair had not dulled her teeth . None of her students dared speak out of terms, be late, delay tasks or do anything she may be consider wrong by her and loosing the film strips was most definitely a wrong thing to do.

-What are we going to do?! Asked Nadia , trying to light another cigarette, her orange colored nails struggling with the lighter, even though she said she had quit smoking .

-I tell you it’ss a consspiracy ! Cried Phillip . There are to many of uss who have losst material, ssomeones iss playing a cruel trick on uss. His words were stressed on the letter  “s” due to his spaced teeth , also his provincial accent became more evident when he got excited .

-Yeah ! Well you explain it to the banshee , although I don’t think she will believe us, not after Paul’s little stunt last year. And Daniel looked in Paul’s direction and took a puff out of Larissa’s cigar, who also claimed recently to have quit smoking.

Paul and Alex were sitting on the other side of the room talking about some long dead philosopher , to busy to notice Daniel’s hateful stare.

-Listen. Said Sebastian, a tall boy with dark hair and a tan complexion, also holding a cigar.  She always says she appreciates honesty and stuff , so let’s BE honest , if we try to find excuses we’ll just be incriminating our selves.

-Pff! Interposed Nadia, rolling her big black eyes.

– Surely she’ll know how to solve this better that us . Continued Sebastian, ignoring Nadia. I mean beating up Paul or David or anyone else we suspect won’t solve anything.

-It will solve a lot ! Interjected Andreea, who had just joined the group.

-Maybe we can ask them nicely…to give them back ? Said Larissa, but quickly quivered under the intense glare of her  colleagues, and tried to hide her face somehow under her blond curls .

-As if they would confess now! Yelled Andreea . They’re in to deep now.I say we beat them up now and ask them later!

– Beat who ? Interfered Paul smiling and holding as usual a cigar . You’re such a violent girl, I like that in a woman.

The makeshift furnace had now reached the necessary temperature and it could now begin burning the film strips in order to extract the silver. It’s little pointy ears listened for the cracks and whistles that may indicate a problem while it’s black button eyes checked the thermometer . It then started to gently place the peaces of cut film in the furnace, careful not to burn his whiskers and his tail was wiggling with delight at the fact that his plan was working.It than sat on a piece of brick calmly waiting and steering at the wrist watch in front of it, the watch was next to a book entitled “Fine Silver Craftsmanship for dummies” that had a picture of a ring on the cover. The heat was starting to become unbearable so it fluttered it’s plushy wings to make some wind and when some sparks came out of the furnace it immediately jumped as not to get touched by them, fortunately it only touched it’s label.

The fact that you  could no longer read very well 70% polyester , 24% cotton and 6% acrylic blended fabric wasn’t a big deal.

-Hey she’s coming!


-What do we do?

-Stick to the plan!

-What plan!

-Get rid of the cigars you idiots!

-What the f*** are you calling me an idiot , b****!

-Cut it out you two!

-Quick, the window?


-Throw them out!

It raised his little white ears, curios as to the reason for the sudden commotion and saw half a dozen cigars falling toward it.

The End


I want my chow

I said meow and i mean now

My name is Whiskers and you’re my slave

Give me the food that I crave

Open that can quick as you can

I said meow and I mean now


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